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 Welcome to Poetry From My Soul

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Welcome to Poetry From My Soul Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Poetry From My Soul   Welcome to Poetry From My Soul EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 5:20 pm

This site welcomes:
all poets and non poets
to read and leave comments on all poems
in this forum.All poets can leave there poems
on this site.I advise all poems left here
please leave who it was written by
and origanal date and any copy right
for your work if you have it copy righted
if not you still can leave your poems/poetry
my site is copy right protected as
stated on the portal page.

This Site Is 100% Free
We do have a Dontation button on
our site,You don't need to donate anything
to be a member of Poetry From My Soul.
The button there is for anyone who would
like to donate for site upkeep,like ad removal.
But i't's not required to be a member.

I have added several diffrent poem
topics if there isn't a topic to post your
poem then send admin a pm and I
will add it up so you can add your work.

Please leave good comments no bashing
other peoples work.If you add a photo with
your poem use good judgement,Nude photos
will be removed from this site and a pm will
be sent to that poster that their photo was removed and
why,if it happeneds again from same poster then
that posters IP will be banned from this site.

Site registration:
You can use your real name or
make up a name to access this site.
Registration is easy to get registered on this site
book mark this site so you can come back often,
once registered you will see all catogorys on this site.

Tell your friends about this site
Thank You all
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Welcome to Poetry From My Soul
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